The entire Russian military program is crashing to the ground. Kuznetsov is rusting in Murmansk, SU-57 is not ready, they showed Armata, but they have started flat modernization of t72,t90. Tupolev, which is to develop the PAK DA, has been tasked to modernize the TU160.

They simply don't have the finances, the technology, the capacity...

Russia can move troops on its territory as it wants, NATO can do it even within the borders of its members. Why should this cause tension?

I bet all the people who bitch about NATO and admire Russia are the same ones who scream the loudest that they don't have German salaries, Swiss pensions and a house like in the US. Why don't they want Russian computers, Russian salaries, Russian pensions and want to live in a dream Russia, amongst men who have never in their history been able to win a war by some brilliant tactic, but only by the method of there are too many of us and the fact that when they were attacked most Russian soldiers were drunk,And when they weren't and with no troops behind them firing on retreating Russians, they surrendered by the thousands.



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