The Russian army has always been just propaganda and advertising

I come from the former Czechoslovakia and I dare to say : The Soviet Union did not liberate us, it conquered us. We exchanged one occupier for another. I owe the Soviets (and Russia) absolutely nothing, not even for fighting the Germans. It is little mentioned that the Soviets sided with the Nazis and joined the Allies only because the Nazis betrayed and invaded them. I might have been more forgiving if they had behaved like the US and left us democracy and freedom after the war, but that didn't happen, they only achieved their unsavoury goals alongside the Allies, not Nazi Germany. So what should I be grateful to them for?

As a native citizen of the former Czechoslovakia, I have to say that I was quite affected by the Russians' invasion of our territory. Just like the Ukrainians now when the Russians took Crimea from them.

The entire Russian military program is crashing to the ground. Kuznetsov is rusting in Murmansk, SU-57 is not ready, they showed Armata, but they have started flat modernization of t72,t90. Tupolev, which is to develop the PAK DA, has been tasked to modernize the TU160.