1720 - Decree of Peter the Great banning printing in the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian religious books.

1729 - Peter II ordered all government regulations and orders written in Ukrainian to be transcribed into Russian.

1763 - Catherine II forbade teaching in Ukrainian at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

1764 - Catherine II orders the Russification of Ukraine.

1769 - The Russian Church decided to confiscate books of the Ukrainian alphabet (ABC) and church books.

1775 - Destruction of Zaporozhye Sich and closure of Ukrainian schools.

1804 - A special decree in the Russian Empire banned all schools with the Ukrainian language, leading to the complete degradation of the Ukrainian population!

1832 - Reorganization of education in Ukraine changed all teaching to Russian

1847 - Increased persecution of Ukrainian language and culture, banning the best works of Taras Shevchenko, Panteleimon Kulish, Mykola Kostomarov and others.

1862 - Closure of Ukrainian Sunday schools for adults in the Russian part of Ukraine.

1863 - The Waluv Circular is a secret decree forbidding censors to publish Ukrainian spiritual and popular literature. The Ukrainian language is called the "Malorussian" language, but it has never existed, does not exist, and should not exist in the future. The Belarusian language is nothing but Russian corrupted by the infusion of Poland.

1876 - Alexander II's decree forbidding the printing and importation of any Ukrainian literature from abroad, as well as banning the performance of the Ukrainian scene and Ukrainian texts in sheet music

1881 - Ban on teaching in public schools and conducting church sermons in Ukrainian.

1884 - Alexander III banned Ukrainian theatre in all provinces of "Malorussia".

1888 - Decree of Alexander III forbids the use of the Ukrainian language in official institutions and Ukrainian names.

1892 - Ban on translation of books from Russian into Ukrainian.

1895 - Prohibition of publishing children's books in Ukrainian language by the Main Printing House.

1914, 1916 - Russification campaign in western Ukraine, ban on Ukrainian words, education, churches.

Under Stalin, as many as 10 million Ukrainians starved to death during the genocide. These are millions of Ukrainian-speaking people who have been unable to pass on their language and culture to their descendants.

Russia has been systematically destroying the Ukrainian language and culture for more than 350 years. The famous 'brotherhood'.



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