Russia ceased to exist on 30 December 1922, when it was replaced by the Soviet Union. That night all Russians took to the skies and were replaced by their evil clones, the so-called Soviets, with whom they have nothing in common !!!

The Soviet regime existed until 26 December 1991, when all the Soviets evaporated from the face of the Earth and were replaced by the Russians, who until then had been happily and unsuspectingly hibernating in the Earth's orbit.

On their return, the Russians discovered that the Soviets had managed to unleash several dozen wars in their absence, even starting the Second World War with Hitler, carrying out several famines, conquering dozens of different nations that had previously lived in Russia's neighbourhood and even carrying out a military invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

The post-hibernation Russians have been trying to convince the world of their innocence for several generations, but they are still not very successful. For one thing, it's utter bullshit, and for another they continue to carry out a bunch of atrocities in the world on a cell with the new Tsar Putin. Ukraine, Georgia, Abkhazia, Moldova, crimes against their own population, murders of journalists. All of this has always been and still is Russia.

This was a joke, of course. Russians and Soviets are the same motherfuckers whatever they say. 


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