I don't understand where the anti-Americanism and Russophilia in so many people in this country comes from.

While America was pushing for the creation of Czechoslovakia according to the demands of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the Communists in Russia were at that time doing their utmost to massacre our legionnaires.

While America offered us the Marshall Plan, the USSR took thousands of our citizens to Siberia and decided WE didn't want American money.

While the USSR was suppressing the Prague Spring, America was taking in thousands of our refugees.

While the USSR asked no questions and moved nuclear warheads,

The US wanted to build a radar in our country and didn't because our current Bolsheviks didn't want it here.

While the countries in the west that were liberated by the US flourished for 50 years.

The eastern states occupied by the USSR dropped from 10 to 5.

Whereas before 89 thousands of people fled to the west, today no one is heading east.

...Shut up and enjoy the benefits of western civilization, or pick up and emigrate to Russia, China or the North Korea.



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